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Lomolino G.1, Kassymova M.2, Alibekov R.2, Yusubaeva A.2, Kantureyeva G.2
1University of Padova, Legnaro, Italy
2M.Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan
The sensory assessment of six popular cheeses made in Italy and Kazakhstan are presented. The tasters’ consistency opinions by the profile method that is based on the individual impacts of taste, smell and consistency in combination give a qualitatively new impulse to the overall sensory characteristics of the product. The analyzed cheeses have a thin crust, without damage, with a thin subcortical layer covered with unique surface. The surfaces are uniform, without cracks and crumbling patches; the films are tightly attached to the cheese. The taste and smell are pure, well expressed and specific for this type of cheese. The mass is homogeneous in the whole product, plastic, slightly brittle when bent. The samples colors are from white to slightly yellow, uniform throughout the mass. Two samples "Parmigiano" (Italy) and "President" (Kazakhstan) were selected as most high quality products. The arithmetic mean values of the estimates of X, the standard deviations of S and complex indices are calculated. The results indicate that, in accordance with the criteria established by the tasters, the tested samples for organoleptic indicators are standard.
Key words: cheese, organoleptic properties, assessment, taster, sensory analysis
Aktayeva U., Abzalova D., Bektureyeva G., Ibragimova Z., Baizhanov A.
M. Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan
On the basis of review of the researches realized during many years the authors have shown the need for a differentiated approach to studying a fatigue fracture process before and after initiation of a crack and made an attempt to summarize and comprehend results of the studying the fatigue crack development. The given article considers questions of fatigue failure staging, a test procedure for determining a crack growth rate and construction of fatigue fracture diagrams as well as a stress intensity coefficient; questions about stabilization of a destruction process, influence of test conditions on a crack growth rate and their regulation.
Kinetic (temporal) effects have a significant impact on a destruction process, although there is a possibility that at more detailed quantitative analysis of the phenomena, considered here, other factors are also important. A stable rate should be determined on the basis of results of similar tests, during which a whole complex of external factors, including a range of stress intensity coefficient, remains unchanged. In many cases stable results can be promoted by such a sequence of experiments on this sample, in which the rate of crack growth increases.
Key words: destruction, fatigue fracture, nucleation of a crack, staging, diagram, stress intensity coefficient, test conditions.
The method of allocating channel resources on the ATM network
Kemelbekova Zh., Sembiyev O., Kopzhassarova Zh., Yudyrysbayev D., Dildabayeva M.
M. Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan
In the article the problem of calculation of optimal descriptions of quality of maintenance of network Asynchronous Transfer Mode is examined with the use of conception of virtual connections with roundabout directions. One of approaches is presented for the analytical calculation of basic descriptions of quality of maintenance of network Asynchronous Transfer Mode, thus these descriptions settle accounts for channels connections on that depending on the type of transferrable reports transporting of informative traffic comes true in two modes of transmission: switching of channels and commutation of packages. At planning of computer networks with the use of conception of virtual connections with roundabout directions and at a management often a necessity appears such networks for determination of statistical parameters, characterizing quality of service on a network. In a great deal the attainable level of quality of the given services is determined on the stage of planning of network, when made decision relatively subscriber capacity of the stations, capacity of bunches of channels of interconnectors, composition and volume of the rendered telecommunication services. In spite of permanent progress in area of network technologies the problem of determination of necessary volume of network resources and providing of quality of maintenance of users remains actual.
In this article, a method for allocating channel resources of the network Asynchronous Transfer Mode is considered to calculate the statistical parameters characterizing the quality of service in the transmission of information traffic by the method of switching channels and switching packets.
Key words: asynchronous method of data transmission, channel switching, packet switching.
Bishimbayev V.1, Mukashev D.2, Kapsalyamov B.1, Anarbayev A.3, Yeskendirov M.3, Gapparova K.1, Zhakiyenova A.1
1“Research Centre of Salt Technology” Social Fund, Astana, Kazakhstan
2“Aral Soda” LLP, Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan
3M.Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan
The tasks of the creating technologies for the integrated use of the mineral raw materials of the Aral Sea with the aim of ensuring sustainable development of the region based on new achievements in science and technology are considered. The modern plant of soda ash, created in accordance with the State program on import substitution, should become the center of attraction of new industries, somehow connected with the production activity of the new enterprise. Technologies should meet high indicators of resource saving, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. They must ensure an import substitution of the goods by creating a domestic production: soda ash; building materials; chemically pure inorganic salts. An important practical significance of the developed technologies should be the use of water circulation cycles in the water-deficient region of the Aral Sea. The creation of new production facilities based on the developed technologies will ensure the growth of employment of the population, the urbanization of the city of Aral and the improvement of the social well-being of people.
Keywords: sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, hydrodynamics, ammonization, carbonization, soda ash.
Nugmanova F.1, Smailova N.2, Agibaeva A.2, Roev S.2, Akimtaeva A.2
1S.Toraigyrov’ Pavlodar State University, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
2M.Auezov’ South-Kazakhstan State University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan
The study of deformations of various metals and alloys on pressing has been detailed studied, therefore, domestic and foreign authors conducted methods for studying deformations and the description, both the methods of studying deformations, and their plastic characteristics. Plasticity is a state of metallic and non-metallic materials, in which they can change their shape and size under the influence of external forces without violating the integrity. The significance of plasticity for modern industrial practice is extremely high: significant part of metal products is produced by pressure treatment, i.e. by plastic shaping. The development of technology is associated with the demand of increased requirements for engineering materials that leads to the development and implementation of all new technologically complex alloys, for the mastery of the production of which data on the change in ductility are required depending on the rate of deformation, temperature, etc. In addition, all technical metals and alloys always contain more or less impurities. The presence of certain impurities or various combinations of them sometimes causes difficulties in deforming.
Key words: alloy, deformation, sample precipitate, friction, turning.
Musabekov A.1, Akhadov Zh.2, Saribayev A.1, Ismailov S.1, Sarybay M.1, Akhylbekov Sh.1
1M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan
2International Solar Energy Institute, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
This paper deals with information support for an optical system of solar power plant of tower type, which should ensure the effective operation of the optical system of solar power plant of tower type and high accuracy of orientation and positioning of a set of heliostats to achieve the maximum concentration of solar radiation in the steam generator, which is located on the highest point of the tower. The object of research is the optical system of solar power tower. Solar power tower type tower type in Kazakhstan do not exist, therefore, offer information support for the optical system of solar power plant of tower type are relevant.
Methods of study of the theory of algorithms, programming, information systems, artificial intelligence, system analysis, mathematical modelling, simulation modelling, methods of astronomy and physics, and energy.
Software used intellectual models of collecting and processing information. In work the mathematical model of the tracking, targeting and positioning flat heliostat, which can be used to parabolic-cylindrical and parabolic solar concentrators, simulation of the optical system of solar power tower.
The practical value may be the provision of information, will be useful for the monitoring and control of the optical system of solar power tower. The paper presents the results of the analysis of existing information on the progress of the optical system of solar power tower.
Key words: information support, control system, heliostat, support-rotating device
depressantS OF THE extended action spectrum for paraffin oil
Nadirov K.1, Marenov B.1, Ramazanova E.2, Zhantasov M.1, Ashimova T.1, Orynbasarov A.1
1M.Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan
2Institute of Geotechnical Problems of Oil, Gas and Chemistry, Baku, Azerbaijan
The composition of the depressant of extended action spectrum with gossypol based on sevilene grafted with maleic anhydride derivatives has been obtained. The derivatives provide to reduce asphalt-tar-paraffin depositions (ATPD) by 80-82% and pour point depression by 33-35ºС. The effect of the interaction of components with different chemical nature in new composite additives of a depressant and dispersing action containing gossypol was established: additive compositions with depressant properties have a synergistic effect of the interaction of initial reagents in mixtures and they are quite effective compared to the most active initial component. The developed technical and technological solutions allow an improving a quality of the prepared well production and reducing the expenses for oil preparation, since they promote to maintain the optimum viscosity that makes better a well production.
Key words: well, asphalt-tar-paraffin deposits (ATPD), sevilene, gossypol, composite depressants, pour point depression.
Khudyakova T., Aitureyev M.
M. Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan
It has been established that undesirable compounds in raw materials in increased amount alkalies can be neutralized by appropriate amount of magnesium oxide that in this case have activity as acid component, forming alkali magnesium silicates Na2O·2MgO·6SiO2  with light-refracting index Ng=1.546 and Np=1.540, Ng-Np=0.006 and Na2O·MgO·SiO2 with Nm=1.523. Analysis of results of physical and mechanical tests of cement with different alkalies and magnesium oxide contents during 3, 7, 28 days showed that the greatest increase in flexural and compressive strength is observed when the samples are hardened at the joint R2O and MgO presence. It has been also established that cements of hydrotechnic composition can contain magnesium oxide in amount of 5.07% without strength reduction; the alkalies content in cement is as follows: K2O is up to 0.98, Na2O is up to 0.91%. Magnesium oxide addition to the alkali-containing mixtures fosters increase in cement hydration activity and increase in its strength. Knowledge of clinker formation processes regularities will serve as a theoretical basis for development of rational ways of using substandard raw materials and technogenic materials in cement technology.
Key words: clinker, alkalies, magnesium oxide, neutralization, alkali magnesium silicates, substandard raw materials, cement hydration activity.
Yeskendirov M., Khussanov Zh., Yeskendirova M., Tileuov G.
M. Auezov South-Kazakhstan State University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan
The given article considers questions of increase in separation efficiency of the multicomponent gases formed at manufacture of fodder fluorine-free phosphates. A hybrid technology and a combined apparatus for realization of separation processes of the multicomponent gases containing a fine-dispersed phosphate dust and fluoric gases have been suggested. A design and a principle of action of the combined apparatus with independent irrigation circuits of dust precipitation and gas absorption zones have been described in the article. Mechanisms of the turbulent tangent interaction of a gas and a liquid for implementation of dust precipitation processes and the counterflow gas-liquid interaction in a layer of a regular packing for carrying out of gas absorption processes have been considered. The suggested purification technology and the apparatus design have higher technical and economic indicators in comparison with analogues. Its advantages are low hydraulic resistance, high quantitative and qualitative mass transfer coefficients, lower metal consumption and the working area occupied by gas purification equipment, the possibility of combination of different chemical technological processes in one the apparatus.
Key words: dust precipitation, absorption, apparatus, combined, hydraulic resistance, turbulence.